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IT Customer Satisfaction Survey: How Effective Is Your IT Service

Elements of an IT Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you supply IT services, it is to your benefit to find out how satisfied your customers are with your service. One way to do this is by conducting an IT customer satisfaction survey. Moreover, it will be good for you to compare it with employee satisfaction survey.

Before making your IT customer survey there are a number of elements that should be considered:

  • Who should be interviewed? Determine who will be responding to your survey.
  • What should be measured? The quality of the service, the consistency, and complaint resolution are just a few things that you may want feedback on.
  • How should the interview be carried out? Online or mailed questionnaires, phone interviews or face to face interviews are all possibilities.
  • How should satisfaction be measured? A measurement scale must be established. Using a 1- 5 or 1- 10 scale is one common method.

Questions on an IT Customer Satisfaction Survey

Try to use different survey data analysis methods. The IT customer survey should determine both how important different aspects of the IT service is to the customer, as well as how satisfied the customer is with that particular aspect. This will be determined in large part by the IT customer satisfaction survey questions. Wording of questions and the way those questions are responded to, will provide insight into what areas the customer feels are of the most importance to them.

  • What is our level of IT customer satisfaction? Questions should include those that provide an idea of how the customer rates your service.
  • What are the customers top concerns? Ask questions that will identify the customers greatest area of concerns so they can be given extra attention.
  • Are there any issues with the IT service that we need to be aware of? This is best answered with an open-ended question.
  • What are the strengths of IT services provided?
  • Are we comparing our customer satisfaction levels with other IT providers that have used similar methods? An accurate comparison requires that similar methods be customer satisfaction survey

We Provide IT Survey Help

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