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Market Research Survey: Learn How to Promote Your Product

Market Research Survey Types

Market surveys are done for a number of reasons. To determine customers satisfaction with a product, to measure brand and advertising awareness, to see similar products to yours that are being used or some other market data.

Market research surveys come in many different types including:

  • In-person surveys – One-on-one interviews that make it possible to get immediate feedback about products, packaging or advertising. Usually in person surveys have very good response rates but they are expensive.
  • Telephone surveys -Surveys conducted over the telephone. Less expensive that in-person surveys but can be difficult to get people to participate, as consumers have become more reluctant due to many years of high volume telephone sales.
  • Mail surveys – To reach a broad audience relatively inexpensively mail surveys can be used, although they do have low response rates. Even with low return they are still fairly cost effective.
  • Online surveys – Have the advantages of being simple and low cost but response rates are unpredictable and data can be unreliable since there is no control over the pool of respondents.

market research surveyMarket Research Survey

Market research survey questions may be qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative surveys will have more open ended questions and are good for new or controversial issues or to explore issues at greater depth. Quantitative surveys get people to answer fixed questions in questionnaires. It is important that all people answer the same question because the objective is measurement. Changing how questions are worded can significantly change your measurements. Quantitative interviewers must stick to the script and questionnaire design is extremely important. Question design is even more important for online and self-complete surveys because there is no interviewer to with difficult, confusing or unclear questions. Quantitative market research questions are often used for:

  • Collecting factual information for classify people and their circumstances
  • Gathering information relating to people’s behavior
  • Examining basic attitudes/opinions of a group of people on a topic
  • Measuring the satisfaction of customers with a product or service
  • Collecting benchmark information which can then be tracked over time to examine changes

If you aren’t sure how to use a market research survey to promote your products, we provide a service that can provide you the necessary help.

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