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The Best Customer Satisfaction Survey to Upgrade Your Service

Why You Need a Customer Satisfaction Survey

To provide the best customer satisfaction you must get feedback from them about how they feel about the service and products you provide. This enables you to find ways to improve your products and/or service to better serve customers. The best method to get this feedback is by using a customer feedback questionnaire or creating a survey.

There are 6 steps to creating a customer feedback questionnaire:

  • Identify the purpose of the questionnaire and develop a title
  • Determine who to send the questionnaire to
  • Determine what questions to ask
  • Come up with preselected answers to the questions
  • Create a customer feedback questionnaire thank you page
  • Track and measure the feedback received from customers

Tips for Creating a Better Customer Satisfaction Survey

customer satisfaction surveyUse the following tips when creating your customer satisfaction survey to make it better:

  • Use a survey title that is concise with a clear purpose – A good title and purpose that makes it clear to the customer what the questionnaire is about and why its being done improves response rates and provides better customer feedback.
  • Only send surveys to relevant contacts- Relevant contacts are those who you have direct contact or relationships with. If you are dealing with a purchasing department of a company, don’t send a survey to the advertising department.
  • Every question you ask should serve a purpose – Don’t ask a lot of questions that are irrelevant. The survey should be between five and ten questions so don’t waste them on something irrelevant. The customer satisfaction survey questions asked should provide data that you can act on and that help gauge performance.
  • Make responding to questions easy – Using preselected/multiple-choice answers usually results in better response rates as the customer can complete the questionnaire easier and faster. Another option is to have customer rate you between 1 and 10 in different areas.
  • Monitor feedback from customers – You should have a system for tracking feedback over time. In this way you can monitor how different areas of customer satisfaction have improved or decreased over time. Without tracking feedback over time there is no way to know whether or not there is a problem.

You may want to consider using customer satisfaction survey companies when preparing a customer satisfaction survey.

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