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What to Look for in Marketing Research Survey

How a Marketing Research Survey Can Help Your Business

To grow and improve your business, marketing research surveys are an important tool that let you know what your customers want. Despite all of the technological advances we have made, the survey is still the best tool for collecting information about customers, although some methods of administering surveys have changed with the times.

Before this kind of survey you can learn more about market research survey. A marketing research survey can be used to find out:

  • Most popular competing products – Businesses can evaluate where their product stands in the market by questioning consumers on brands they prefer in different categories
  • Product affordability – Assess consumers budgets to determine how their income is distributed, and determine suitable pricing for a product
  • Potential market – Who is going to be your target market? A business needs to know who their audience will be to target promotions effectively.
  • Where do consumers buy products similar to yours – To sell a product you will want to find out where people shop to help in knowing where to promote your product

Choosing the Right Marketing Research Survey to Suit Your Purpose

The right marketing survey will benefit you by providing feedback on marketing conditions and what products are in demand. Information on product pricing and consumer purchasing power can be gained. The marketing research survey you use will depend on what information you are trying to find out. The research process consists of the following steps:

  • Problem formulation – The management problem must be translated into a research problem.
  • Cost-Value analysis
  • Method of inquiry – Objective or subjective
  • Research design – Plan or outline for conducting the research
  • Data collection design – Observation, interviews or other method
  • Planning and survey design – Determine population to be surveyed and select sample group
  • Data collection – The actual conducting of the survey or other method determined to best meet the goal.
  • Analyzing and interpreting data – Analysis of data by selected method
  • Research report – Compile report of results

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