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Employee Satisfaction Survey to Understand What Your Employees Think

Reasons for Conducting an Employee Satisfaction Survey

Focusing on your employee’s satisfaction can make your business more productive. The same can be with different products if compare with customer satisfaction survey. Employee satisfaction surveys enable you to get some insight into employees, and what they think about their work, making it possible to anticipate problems and create a better working environment for workers.

Reasons for conducting an employee satisfaction survey include:

  • Feedback – A satisfaction survey gives employees a chance to give their input on elements such as training, policies, processes, office conditions and their managers.
  • Retention – By conducting employee satisfaction surveys and responding to problem areas, employees will experience more satisfaction, resulting in less employee turnover.
  • Employee Morale – There is a direct relationship between employee morale and a company’s performance. Employee satisfaction surveys allow you to monitor moral and take action before it becomes low.
  • Improve Communication – Surveying employees and responding to surveys can strengthen employee/manager relations

What an Employee Satisfaction Survey Should Cover

To properly measure employee satisfaction an employee engagement survey needs to ask the right questions about the right things. Some of the areas that should be covered by employee satisfaction survey questions:

1. Employee job

  • My responsibilities are clear.
  • I have the authority to carry out the responsibility assigned to me.
  • I like my job.
  • When I do very good work, it is recognized.

2. Employees boss

  • I have confidence in my boss.
  • I get helpful feedback from my boss on a regular basis.

3. Employees development

  • During the past year, I have significantly enhanced my skills.
  • I see lots of opportunities for me to grow at this company

employee satisfaction survey

4. Employees compensation

  • My salary is fair and competitive.
  • The company has good benefits.

5. Employees longevity

  • I feel respected and valued.
  • I will probably be working for this company three years from now.

If you would like to conduct an employee satisfaction survey but aren’t sure where to start we offer a service that can help with survey data analysis methods.

Create an Employee Satisfaction Survey with the Help of Our Service

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