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Strengths and Weaknesses of Survey Research

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Survey Research

Survey research can be broken down into two broad categories, those being questionnaires and interviews. Those are very broad categories that can be further subdivided, but for now the advantages and disadvantages of survey research will focus on questionnaires and interviews in a broad sense.

The Strength and Weakness of Survey Research Using Interviews

Some of the advantages of interviews include:

  • Good response rates. Being in the room with the person results in very high response rates.
  • More information is usually provided. Subjects can elaborate on answers.
  • Time taken can be longer and follow up questions to responses can be used.
  • The interviewer can help if there is a question that isn’t understood by the subject.
  • Interviewer can adapt questions to the specific individual and situation

Disadvantages of interviews:

  • Interviews are expensive. The cost per survey is high due to having live interviewer.
  • They can be time-consuming. One interview conducted at a time, and each interview can be quite long.
  • Interviewer may influence responses. Either inadvertently or on purpose the interviewer may guide the subject to respond in the way they want.
  • Requires well-trained interviewer to be well conducted. Untrained interviewers don’t get as good survey results analysis. To be effective interviewers need to be trained.

strengths and weaknesses of survey researchStrengths and Weaknesses of Surveys Using Questionnaires

Some advantages of questionnaires are:

  • Cost effective and inexpensive. Once a questionnaire is designed it can be mass produced easily and distribution is also inexpensive.
  • Generally quick and easy to complete. Typically they are short and easy to understand.
  • Privacy usually not an issue and issues easily resolved.
  • Design flexibility

Can administer to large numbers. In the time one interview is conducted many questionnaires can be emailed, passed out etc.

Disadvantages of questionnaires include:

  • Lower response rate. People don’t feel so compelled to respond
  • Can’t verify truthfulness of respondent.
  • Can’t follow up on responses.
  • Nobody to explain if a question isn’t understood

The strengths and weaknesses of survey research are seen in both interviews and questionnaires. However both still are excellent tools for obtaining feedback when used properly. If you aren’t sure when to use the different types of survey methods for best effect, the service we offer can take care of the job for you.

Our Survey Data Analysis Service

The survey data analysis service we offer can help with all parts of the survey process. Our survey data analysis professionals are experts when it comes to surveys, and provide surveys of the highest caliber that are accurate and reliable. Use of our service includes:

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To find out more about strengths and weaknesses of survey research, contact us with all of your survey needs!